Audi Open Haus. Hari Raya Sales Event. Now On.

What’s the secret behind the unbreakable bond between Abang and Adik? Watch the full ‘Nak ikut boleh tak?” video and discover the reason behind Adik’s dedication to tag along with Abang.
#AudiOpenHaus #AudiNakIkut
Nak Ikut??? Jom tag along with Adik & Abang to the Audi Open Haus™, and celebrate this festive season with a brand new Audi from RM999* per month! Offer ends 31 July 2017.
#AudiOpenHaus #AudiNakIkut
Head over to the Audi Open Haus™ now. Test drive an Audi today and get these exclusive Audi Malaysia x Delectable By Su Raya cookies. Dont miss out on the Audi Open Haus™ Sales Event. Own an Audi from RM 999 with Audi Progressive Plan.
#AudiOpenHaus #AudiNakIkut
Want to know what’s the progressive way to send your Hari Raya greetings? Watch Abang closely. Visit to create your Audi Raya greetings now.
#AudiOpenHaus #AudiNakIkut

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